We Are a Part of the Ancient Mission

from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar

My dear, divine souls! Each person, each soul is dear to me. Any person who is thinking on me heartfully and asking for help, my soul will automatically answer their prayers. I am always wanting your happiness and your success. Each angle, I am taking care.

Time is moving very fast now. We are all part of the ancient mission to bring the true divine knowledge to the world. Wherever you are, heartfully think of helping in whatever way you can, to whoever comes in front of you. Think of sharing whatever you have received from the Guru Parampara. It is everyone’s duty to become a soul of satya, dharma, shanti, prema. Choose one and focus on that. Once I’m bringing the light, carry the light to the globe. Bring a lot of light in you, then light a lot of candles on the globe. That’s my wish.

According to the history, we know Jesus Christ was only 2000 years ago. There were thousands of saints and healers before him, before him, before him, on the globe. Today we’re here, after 150 years we will be gone. Then next, what? How are you are going to represent our information and knowledge on the planet in a reality way, in a straight point way, so that the future generations can hit it?

You should be a candle; keep burning and give the light to someone. Be a candle. If you are a candle, I’m the flame. If I’m the flame, you are a candle. I’ll be with you for lifetimes until you receive and reach your achievement.

This is the time all of you have to stand strongly, to have stamina and stability. This is the time to be capable, really capable, to take care of each other and create peace and harmony, and bring unbelievable wisdom on the planet. No matter what, you have to stand for the truth of what they told in the ancient days in the palm leaf books, the yantras, prayers, mantras, all the channels. That’s your duty to bring that knowledge to the globe.

The most amazing unbelievable subject on the planet is spirituality. It’s beyond science. To know your capacity, to know your inner reality, to recognize the abilities that are in you, to bring those abilities out, to demonstrate those abilities, is not a joke.

Spirituality might seem funny and confusing. Seems too crazy. Why do I keep on saying this? I can challenge openly, 98% of people have no idea what real spirituality is. I’m not the master who teaches the alphabets. I’m the master who teaches the degree, the university professor. You understand? I can’t come down to teach the alphabets, this and this and this. It’s not my egoism; it’s my dharma. That post, that job, is given from God. Whatever gifts He gave, I’ve only opened 10%. That 10% seems huge to everybody. It’s not impossible to understand the beginning steps. There is infinity of knowledge. I want to do my maximum best, as much as I can before my take-off. I want to do my maximum best to spread out the information. I want to bring the divine knowledge to the globe from the ancient palm leaf books written thousands of years back.

On the whole globe, India is the spiritual point for spirituality. You can see the Indian culture, the tradition, the depth of information that they’re carrying for almost 7,000 years. Still that information is existing on Earth. There’s no such information in any other country in the world. Such great amazing information, amazing healing techniques. A lot of rishis, maharishis, meditated and wrote them down. They completely sacrificed their lives for only for spirituality.

In the Himalayas, since their childhood days, the saint used to meditate with the upadesh they received from their master; they kept chanting it in the nature. As great researchers of the nature, they discovered amazing great supernatural formulas. And they’ve written them down on copper sheets, on gold sheets, on palm leaves and on the rocks. Still those writings exist, we can see them.

In Western countries, the scientists researched how to go to the moon. But in India, the saints researched how to reach God, how to reach enlightenment, how many stages of enlightenment there are, what is the real bliss, how to command and get control of the five elements to remove any type of pain, to do any type of amazing healing. That’s what they discovered on the days. But somehow because of ups and downs, the different opinions of masters, the different opinions of students, the whole link got destroyed.

So, my mission is to create as much as I can a successful path, successful students as successful healers on the planet, to make the knowledge and the channels to come back again with powerful results. Everything is possible if we do it with practice and patience. And it’s really not a big deal to get enlightenment.

Thousands of years back, they wrote the clear information with authentic proofs. The same information is being passed on to you. It’s an ancient knowledge; it’s not today’s knowledge. Thousands of years back, they researched and implemented it. Then they brought it to many people. It was a big revolution. If you had really learned Telugu these past nine years, many people here would be very lucky guys now. You could really translate some amazing books.

Whatever I’m teaching, my part is giving you some experiences, the mechanisms. That part is okay. But you personally saw it, and practiced it and got it; that is the thrill. That is the thrill. You never know with the Maya Chakra how long, how far, I can exist. But, whatever auspicious things are available in front of you, utilize them in a proper way. On the days, in the palm leaf books, what they wrote. They sacrificed their lives. They sacrificed. They tested it. It’s a supernatural science. They tested it, and finally they put it in a book. It means you absolutely don’t need to suspect their channelings [1].

When I looked in the ancient palm leaf books, my brain goes like 1000 km speed, spinning around in the thoughts. It means that much amazing information is available. How much can I really teach that amazing information in the globe? How much is my life span? It was a big question mark for me several years back.

The time has started. How many years it took? Thousands of years. Since thousands of years it didn’t happen. It means, how much it will be available to access the energy of the channels in the next 2000, 3000 years on the globe? Who will be making the bridge?

Today, many, many gurus, masters, whatever they’re called, are saying, “Ok, just you follow me. I’m your father, mother, brother, sister, everything.” They’re not saying what type of processes they’ve done, and are not giving them to the students. Whatever information they have, they have to share it. How many people in the globe really know the perfect information about the Bible? How many people have the perfect information on the Vedas? It’s lost. That’s my feeling. If those channels were still alive, there would be thousands, hundreds of thousands of healers, and the globe would be happy and peaceful.

You don’t know the real life of Jesus. You don’t know the real life of Buddha. You only know Shirdi Baba’s life. He left his body in 1918, October 17th. You only know a tiny bit about his life. You don’t know 100% of Adi Shankaracharya’s life. Yes, they’re really extraordinarily powerful. They came for a purpose, but a part of the information, how they became so powerful, what processes they did, we lost it.

That’s my mission. I want to make a small bridge. I want to prepare a big highway, or at least a walking bridge from the East to the West, as a spiritual guide explain the reality of the information.

So, there are a lot of unbelievable, secret things hidden in the palm leaf books. Not only Jesus’ life, there are tons of things. You can’t imagine. Tons of unbelievable, secret things, they’ve written.

To pull that information and give it to the globe, what more than that do you need? What more than that do you need?

After two thousand years, again the channels came back. That link is happening. That Vedic information is having the link again. It needs the open hearts and accepting nature.

[1] channelings or channels — vibrational connection in the form of mantras to a specific divine energy.

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