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How to Use This Course

This course is designed for you to use at your own pace. It is a self-paced online course of resources to learn and practice the knowledge, formulas and channels of the Five Elements Meditation Process. The Five Elements Meditation Process is the basic philosophy underlying all of the ancient knowledge systems shared with the world by Sri Kaleshwar.

You have unlimited life-time access as long as your email address is current (and our school is online!) to reference anytime.

Note for Teachers

For anyone who is teaching the Five Elements Meditation Process or other ancient knowledge teachings from Sri Kaleshwar, you are welcomed and encouraged to use this course as a resource for your students.

Note About Course Blog

Students are invited to share on the Discussion Blog. Teachers are also invited to share any upcoming Five Elements workshops

This blog will evolve into a a broader discussion about the Five Elements teachings and practices, especially through sharing personal experiences with the Five Elements Channels. For established practitioners sharing your experiences here will hugely inspire new students! Jai Maha Panchabhutas!

Take a Systematic Approach

This process purifies the mind, heart and body through nature's five elements. This process releases negative vibrations and sufferings of all kinds (known as 'decharging') as the soul is charged with pure positive cosmic energy.

It is advisable to 'charge' the element meditations in a specific order, starting with the Earth (1, 2 then 3) then the Fire, then Sky followed by Water and finishing with Air (1, 2 and finally 3). Lastly, there is a final element channel (Guru Guru Parama Guru) to be done at the completion of Air Three.

It is important to follow the prescribed rules and guidelines (dikshas) for each meditation channel. These will be outlined clearly in each element meditation section.

It is possible to charge more than one element at a time, however, if you miss any day meditation or otherwise break any one of the channels you are charging at the time, all the meditations you are doing at the same time must be restarted.

Taking one element meditation at a time takes around 6 months to complete the entire Five Elements Meditation Process.

Each element meditation has associated symptoms that are important for the student to experience for themselves. Its a process of developing your personal relationship with the divine cosmic through different channels of nature. It's important for everyone to have their own personal experience of God's supernatural energy hidden in the natural. For this reason we recommend taking your time with these meditations, learn to feel and enjoy the energy during your meditations and in your life!

To Begin

Please take some time to review the curriculum summarized below. You will appreciate the breadth and depth of the material you will learn and practice in this course.

When you are ready to begin your Five Elements Meditation Process, begin with the lessons in 'Welcome & Opening Lessons.' The go on to Section One.

Next review in detail Section Two.

Remember that when you are charging an individual element, you can return to Section Two and review the teachings about that element's philosophy.

The sacred prayers (mantras) and formulas utilized are found in several places.

Each Element Meditation lesson has the full resources for each meditation including audio of Sri Kaleshwar singing the prayer. Additionally, all the Element Meditation prayers can be found in one lesson, Five Elements Meditation Process Audio Recordings. All audio files are downloadable for your personal use and reference offline.

How the Course Is Organized

Welcome & Opening Lessons

  • Getting Started
  • Course Intention (Sankalpam) - downloadable
  • 'Gifts of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba' by Sri Kaleshwar
  • Supernatural Energy Formulas
  • Importance of Meditation
  • Life = Energy = Vibration
  • Power of Mantra
  • Yantra - The Soul's Hidden Energy Structure
  • Discussion Blog

SECTION 1: About the Five Elements (Panchabhuutas)

  • The Five Elements: Channels of God's Energy
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of the Five Elements
  • You Have to Surrender to the Five Elements
  • Charging the Five Elements – Getting the Elements Channels Attached to Your Soul
  • The Five Elements in Worship, Ritual, & Healing Energy Transmissions
  • Balancing the Elements - Reaching the First Stages of Bliss (Ananda)
  • Benefits & Power of the Five Elements Meditation Process

SECTION 2: The Five Elements (Panchabhuutas) Philosophy

  • Divine Qualities & the Five Elements Meditation Process
  • Na Ma Shi Vaa Ya
  • Earth Element
  • Fire Element
  • Sky Element
  • Water Element
  • Air Element

SECTION 3: The Five Elements (Panchabhuutas) Process

  • Meditation & Prayer
  • About Mantra Meditation
  • Pronunciation Is Key
  • First Earth Prayer (Mantra) Channel
  • Second Earth Prayer (Mantra) Channel
  • Third Earth Prayer (Mantra) Channel with Yantra (VIDEO)
  • Fire Prayer (Mantra) Channel
  • Sky Prayer (Mantra) Channel
  • Water Prayer (Mantra) Channel
  • First Air Prayer (Mantra) Channel
  • Second Air Prayer (Mantra) Channel
  • Third Air Prayer (Mantra) Channel
  • Guru Guru Parama Guru - Completing the Five Elements Process
  • Five Elements Process Primer (DOWNLOADABLE PDF)

SECTION 4: Decharging & Self-Healing

  • An Introduction to Decharging
  • Importance of Decharging
  • General Guidelines Regarding Decharging
  • General Techniques for Decharging

SECTION 5: Healing Others

  • Shaktipat - Transmission of Healing Energy
  • Healing with Earth Element Channels
  • Healing with Fire Element Channel
  • Healing with the Sky Channel
  • Healing with Water Element Channel
  • Healing with Air Element Channels

SECTION 6: About the Ancient Knowledge

  • 'The Spiritual Seed Started in India' by Sri Kaleshwar
  • Ancient Knowledge for Modern Problems
  • Spirituality Is Beyond ScienceImportance of Meditation
  • We Are a Part of the Ancient Mission
  • Your Connection to the Mission Is From A Previous Life
  • The Divine Mother Gave the Knowledge
  • Sri Kaleshwar & the Divine Mission

SECTION 7: Mantra Resources

  • Translating Telugu to English
  • Five Elements Process Audio Recordings by Sri Kaleshwar
  • Personal Mantras From Sri Kaleshwar ( PDF & Audio)
  • Opening & Closing Prayers (Mantras) - PDF & Audio
  • Gayatri Prayer (Mantra)
  • Shakti Gayatri Prayer (Mantra) - Audio

SECTION 8: Modern Science, Nature, Vibration & Meditation

  • Modern Science & Mantra Meditation: MRI Evidence of Enhanced Cognitive Function
  • Modern Science of Affects of Consciousness & Vibration on Water
  • Scientists Say Ancient Fire Ritual Has Positive Impact on Environment
  • "How Quickly Does Grounding Affect Your Body" (Video)
  • Case Studies on Grounding (Earthing) - Video
  • Additional Modern Science Case Studies & Teachings About Decharging

SECTION 9: Additional Materials & Resources

  • Closing Message

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