Shaktipat - Transmission of Healing Energy

The body is carrying a lot of diseases and pains - body aches, stomach aches, head aches. At the same time the mind, heart, and soul are also carrying a lot of pain. 

There’s only one medicine - to gain soul capacity, soul energy.

- Sri Kaleshwar

The Real Healing is Soul Healing

Sai Shakti Healing

The soul is the real healer. When your soul receives the right energy, your soul is capable of healing any disease, and solving any problem in your life. When you receive a soul healing you receive a transmission of God’s energy, cosmic energy, directly to your soul. This awakens and recharges your soul battery. Then the soul implements that energy to heal itself – the body, the mind, and the heart can all be healed easily by the soul. Soul healing is the source of all true healing. The best medicine for the soul is God’s energy, the cosmic energy.

Healing is nothing but recharging the battery.

The battery is nothing but the spark that we’re carrying in our body.

- Sri Kaleshwar

Healing through the Five Elements

Soul healing utilizes the five elements in Nature - earth, fire, space (ether), water and air - to diagnose disease and to return to health and well-being. The remedy is cosmic energy channeled through the Five Elements Channels and delivered directly to the soul. Healing energy transmissions can be given through direct touch, or sent over a distance utilizing the air element.

All emotional and physical disease comes from an imbalance in our inner vibrations. These inner vibrations comes through the five elements. Just as the Nature is made of earth, fire, water, ether, and air, our bodies and souls are also made of the same elements. We experience healing naturally through these Five Elements Channels.

Peace and contentment then takes the place of anxiety, depression, and heartbreak.

- Sri Kaleshwar

Shaktipat - Transmission of Cosmic energy

Soul healers transmit pure cosmic energy to a soul through the Five Elements energy channels. This process, called shaktipat, revitalizes the soul’s ability to heal itself. It is giving doses of cosmic energy to the soul. When a person’s soul is energized in this way, their life force is strengthened which then positively affects every aspect of their life. It brings clarity and awakens vitality, self-love, willpower, determination and inspiration. It helps release the soul’s hidden abilities enabling the person to create healthy, happy, satisfying relationships and success in their endeavors.

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