Personal Mantras From Sri Kaleshwar (PDF & Audio)

Connect to Sri Kaleshwar & the Lineage of Shirdi Sai Baba

Below you will find a downloadable scanned copy of 14 personal mantras charged for future students by Sri Kaleshwar during his lifetime. The list is written by Sri Kaleshwar himself. Here is a typed version of the list that corresponds with the hand written list:

1. ōṃ dhīṃ
2. ōṃ klīṃ
3. ōṃ ram
4. ōṃ ram ramēmi
5. ōṃ ram rakSHa
6. ōṃ hrīṃ
7. ōṃ hesraiyim
8. ōṃ nam rakSHa
9. ōṃ klīṃ dhīṃ rakSHa
10. ōṃ klūṃ rakSHa
11. ōṃ klūṃ
12. ōṃ ram klūṃ
13. ōṃ dhīṃ klūṃ
14. ōṃ ram dhīṃ nam rakSHa

To assist in pronunciation there is an audio file below that you can listen to online or download and use at your convenience.

Instructions/Guidelines (Diksha):

Choose one of the personal mantras from the list.
Never repeat it out loud to anyone.
Practice it regularly for as long as you like, a few minutes to an hour or more at a time to begin charging this personal vibration channel linking you to the divine cosmic energy.
Anyone practicing the ancient knowledge from the palm leaf manuscripts should have at least one personal mantra.

Note: Over time and practice one may have up to three different personal mantras from this list.

Sri Kaleshwar Teachings about Personal Mantras

Your personal mantra is a personal key. When you start to give healings, you don't need to chant hundreds of prayers. Chanting your personal mantra works and covers everything.

The personal mantra is usually below five words. The personal mantra is a very, very, very serious and important. You can never say it aloud or tell it to anybody. If you tell it to anybody else, forget it, it never works. You have to pick up another one. When you're chanting, don't give a chance for anybody to hear your personal mantra. Even if somebody just hears your personal mantra, they're not even interested in taking it; still your energy goes to them. All your meditation power is transferred to them. Your personal mantra has that much huge capability.

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