Your Soul is Creating Your Life

From the Real Healing is Soul Healing, “Soul is Generator of Energy,” page 225.

"Different traditions say different things, but the soul energy is clearly nothing but light and vibration. It’s like a candle flame, or like a small star dazzling in the heart. The soul is nothing but light and vibration. Everything is hidden in this cosmic nature with vibrations and light. You’re receiving illusion through vibrations. You’re decharging all your stuff through the light and vibrations. The vibrations are a kind of electricity.

Throughout the whole creation, nature is working with vibrations. Now I am speaking, the waves are going out. Now the phone is ringing, the vibrations are coming. The energy everywhere is flowing like waves. There is a great generator in our body. Like an electricity generator, there is a vibration generator in our body—that is the soul.

The soul, we can’t say it’s a female soul, or it’s a male soul. There is no identity like that. The energy of the soul depends on how dazzling the light it is giving. There are many, many types of the souls.

There is no difference between my soul and your soul. Every soul is equal, but each soul has different type of vibrations, different type of energy. You might have changed many, many bodies, but your soul is immortal. The soul records everything point by point, whatever activities you do. The soul knows everything about the history of your lives: how many lives you lived as an animal, as a bird, as a human being, each family you had. Everything the soul has recorded. The soul records everything; it knows everything. Whatever good things you’re doing. Whatever bad things you are doing. It’s recording. Silently it is recording, just secretly recording.

Soul is the greatest generator, the highest healing generator. It is producing energy waves."

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