Join us for a 4-Day Transformation Process

February 16-19, 2023

Shivaratri is the most powerful, auspicious night of the year to transform your life. Meditating on this night is said to be equal to meditating for one million nights. When we use this auspicious time to seek transformation and healing by connecting with Shiva, we can experience real results in our lives. Shiva leads us back to our true nature, the supreme bliss of satchitananda, an unwavering state of peace and stability.
On Shivaratri, it is easy to connect to Shiva and he is pleased by even the smallest effort we make. On this special night, we can bring all our pain and our struggles to Shiva and experience healing and the peace of equanimity. You can be free of whatever is holding you back and make quantum leaps in awakening your true, divine nature, the pure blissful state of satchitananda. We can experience the reality of the soul in its most divine state. Shiva is the source of all-encompassing peace and can transform us as we merge with Him in the stillness.

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“He who has realized Satchitananda is a liberated sage. He has nothing more to learn, nothing more to do, has nothing more to gain. All his desires are gratified. He has obtained all the worlds. He is freed from the jaws of death. He attains immortality.”
– Swami Sivananda


Join us to experience the unbounded source of all bliss and peace this Shivaratri 2023!